Days of Hell: Living 24/7 with my Caretaker Under Foot

Toilet Paper

A brisk day full of sun beams which I enjoy catching with my paws.  I’m getting so tired of seeing my caretaker in front of that screen with all those funny shapes.  If she’s going to be home all day and all night, she should pay more attention to me.

She recently went the supermarket to pick up a few provisions.  She said even at an early hour, there was no toilet paper to be had.  Toilet paper?  What is it about humans and toilet paper?  Did the pioneers in their wagon trains going west have an extra wagon just for carrying rolls of toilet paper?  I think not.  They did just fine.

I mean heck in bygone times, sailors used the frayed end of a rope dipped in salt water to clean themselves. Romans thought a sponge at the end of stick was dandy.    Old newspapers, government proclamations, and moss were used to wipe the human butt.  In fact, it wasn’t until 1857 that a New York inventor, Joseph Gayetty invented commercial toilet paper.

Don’t get me wrong, we cats are experts on cleanliness.  But we don’t need toilet paper to keep clean.  Take a quick shower or bath to clean those nether regions.

I personally think toilet paper makes a great toy.  I like to balance rolls on my head or tummy.  But it seems humans take a dim view of these kinds of shenanigans.


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