Hello, my name is Judy Folkenberg (the fur-ball around my neck is TeddyBoy Sinclair). Perhaps the evaluation my fourth or fifth grade teacher wrote might serve as my bio.

“Judy is a lovely, bright, funny, and outgoing girl with a friendly manner, who loves to write (although she needs to work on her spelling). She has proven to be very creative; often lugging large wall paper sample books to class in order to make cards for her classmates. She is a joy to teach.”

And here is one of my first attempts at writing (with included grammatical errors), a sample from second grade. I was a student at Moss Hall Elementary School in London.


“My name is Susan, I live in Switzerland I am a dog. One day I saw a cat. She began to run, I said “comeback,” She came back. Then we had a conversation. The cat said, “My name is Judy” “My name is Susan” said the dog. The cat did not really like this, because she was on her way to her brother’s. She got away, but I don’t knowHow. ” (My teacher gave me 7 out of 10 points.)

Albert Schweitzer once wrote that, “the only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats.” If I might paraphrase: “The only escape from the miseries of life are writing, books, and cats.”

I hope you enjoy my blog.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I never had a wedding album. I don’t know why. I know that there are photos, but nothing was ever orginized in a separate album. An album does take up table or shelf space, but I am more likely to open an album than to ask to sit at a computer or other small digital divice, to look at photos.


  2. hello pleased to find your blog…adding…today is my birthday and i loved the little tyke narrative so put a link to it on my page…Heute ist mein Geburtstag…11ten November…also ? ich habe 2 Facebook Seite gemacht die ich mitteile hier. Eine BRAMBLE die Vegan Hundin und auch Little Tyke die Vegetarische Loewin. just done today my birthday 11th November 1958

    Schoene Bilder des Loewins…lovely photos to share of the Little Tyke Vegetarian Lionness…des photos de la lionne.



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