Days of Hell: Living 24/7 With My Caretaker Underfoot

Making Masks with Bra Straps

Well mask-making has taken our nation by storm.  Bridal shops, hobbyists, even lawyers are making them.  And it seems like everyone with a sewing machine in my neighborhood is making a mask.  Glad to see my human and loads of other humans take this pandemic seriously.

But of course, like everything else, there’s been a run on one valuable piece in the mask making process:  the one quarter inch elastic attached to the mask that loops around the ears holding the mask in place.  The following comes from a thread on my neighborhood’s listserv, which I read while peeking over my caretaker’s shoulder:

Some human had asked where she could find quarter inch elastic, as all the stores seemed out of it, and she couldn’t find any online.  Various posters made suggestions

Said one poster:  “Try ties made of fabric or ribbon (not satin ribbon, which is too slippery).  They are actually better than elastic because wearers can adjust the tightness for a closer fit. However, if you want elastic, I recommend hair bands.”

“Try shoelaces,” said another.

“What can also be used are sewn cotton ties. You make thin rolled (or flat) ones, like you would make for spaghetti straps on dresses and blouses, and stitch them to the masks,” said another.

“This sounds silly, but the elastic straps from old bras work,” said one poster. But another poster responded: “ It’s not silly, it’s quite ingenuous and it’s silly not to try! For that matter, how about elastic from other clothes in the house, underwear, men’s and women’s, skirts, pants!

(I love human ingenuity.)

After reading this, I suggested  to my caretaker that  we go down the street and knock on neighbors’ doors asking for pieces of clothing that had elastic in them.  I so want to help out.  So we did just that!  Look I modeled a bra that was donated.  At the very least, I have to admit it makes a very fetching hat, don’t you think?

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